Monday, May 08, 2006

The White House & Judicial Nominations

Robert B. Bluey has an interesting article up at Human Events Online, "Conservatives Say Miers Is Obstacle to Judicial Nominees." The general cut of the article is that the WH is not effectively addressing concerns and criticism being expressed by some conservative "leaders."

I put "leaders" in quotation marks, because there seems to be a strong sentiment among some that no conservative would ever criticize the WH. My out is that I'm not affixing labels, just repeating the ones used by Mr. Bluey. From the article,

White House Counsel Harriet Miers ... has allegedly vetoed several recommendations offered by conservatives to fill vacancies on federal courts. ...

The accusation about Miers came hours before the White House scrambled to put together a meeting among conservative activists to take place at 2:30 p.m. with Miers. The meeting, which was billed as a "new beginning" on judicial nominees, was said to include upwards are 40 to 50 people. ...

A conservative activist with knowledge of that conversation said participants were fed up with Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, Judiciary Chairman Arlen Specter and White House staff for passing the buck and blaming someone else for the disorganization.

My source told me that this afternoon's meeting was likely to bomb because, given its size, participants would leak details to the media and, as a result, be unwilling to share their true feelings about Miers.

A bit of tension there, or somewhere. The article (and the one linked from within it) are interesting gossip at this point in time.

Another hat tip to - Monday Confirmation News for keeping so well on top of judicial confirmation news.

See Fact Sheet: Brett M. Kavanaugh by the White House, under Latest news. It is encouraging to see a bit of a push, but I wish it was stronger, and more broad than the generic In Focus: Judicial Nominations, which also appears in May 8th's "news" category.


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