Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Judicial Confirmations Summary Status Report

From, news and enlightened commentary on a U.S. Senate Republican Policy Committee new summary report of judicial nominations.

The official report mirrors the summary by yours truly, and adds facts that the brief summary omits.

There are lots of vacancies with no nominations - the President's end of the bargain not being held up, some might argue. I take a different view - if the Senate isn't confirming, then it's a waste to fill up their hopper with "more." If the Senate can't handle the load on its plate, no sense in making the Senate's load heavier. The top bullet points from the report linked above are ...

  • 53 -- The number of current vacancies on Article III courts.
  • 23 -- The number of judicial nominations pending in the Senate, including 8 court of appeals nominees and 15 district court nominees.
  • 30 -- The number of vacancies for which the President has not submitted a nomination, including 10 vacancies on the courts of appeals and 20 vacancies on the district courts.
  • 23 -- The number of judicial emergencies in the federal court system, as defined by the non-partisan Judicial Conference.
  • 32 -- The number of judicial nominations confirmed during the 109th Congress, including 2 Supreme Court Justices, 8 court of appeals judges, 21 district court judges, and 1 judge on the Court of International Trade.
  • 204 -- The number of Article III judges who were confirmed in the 107th and 108th Congresses, including 35 court of appeals judges and 169 district court judges.


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