Saturday, April 08, 2006

Easter Rambling - Senate Recess

I'm still cogitating while the Senate is taking a break. I anticipate publicity on the NSA Terrorist Surveillance Program, as well as on a "Bush is a hypocrit" based on court filings in the Libby perjury case.

My opinions on the Libby case comprehend the political maneuverings and the legal details. IMO, the case is a simple perjury case, and Libby is guilty of lying to investigators. I think the case is based on a bogus investigation, but President Bush gave his imprimatur to it.

I find the reaction of the amateur partisan commentators amusing. The inclination on the President's side is to besmirch Fitzgerald and to excuse perjury based on comparative morality and on a legal theory that excuses misleading investigators on the grounds they were assigned to a case that would find no wrongdoing.

The DEMs over-react too (Duh). Libby's lies are turned into evidence of a conspiracy by President Bush to mislead the public into war with Iraq.

Reasoned dialog is hard to come by, given those wildly divergent points of view.


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