Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Senate Plans - Week of June 13, 2006

What's on the Senate's plate at the moment? The following -- not presented in the order they are being taken up.

S.2766 - National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2007

Text of Amendments 4196 to 4208 June 12, 2006
Text of Amendments 4209 to 4220 June 13, 2006

Of those amendments, the only one not "ordered to lay on the table" is S.Amdt.4211, to name the CVN-78 aircraft carrier the U.S.S. Gerald Ford

H.R.4939 Emergency Supplemental - Iraq and Hurricane Recovery 2006

June 13 debate

Mr. DORGAN. ... I regret that the provision dealing with a decision that we were not going to have a permanent military presence, military basing in Iraq was taken out in conference. That was a bipartisan decision by the Senate to put it in, and I regret it was taken out. Nonetheless, it was.

This was Biden's amendment (3717 and 3855), passed on unanimous consent on May 3.

The nomination of Stickler to be Assistant Secretary of Labor for Mine Health and Safety is held up by objections from some Democrats (Kennedy, Durbin, Byrd and others), and even the cloture vote has been put off, pending a signal from the White House as to whether or not, and if so when, it would perform a recess appointment faced with Senate inaction.


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